Easter Activities

Easter Activities

Here are some fun, simple Easter activities that our pupils will enjoy!

Normally our teachers would get to do some of these with their classes in the lead up to the Easter holidays, but maybe this year you can try them out at home with your family!

  1. Make Easter cards and send them to family or friends you can’t visit right now.
  2. Design your own Easter Egg
  3. Bake Easter cookies or Easter chocolate nests (I have added a lovely recipe below!)
  4. Learn about the Easter story – I have added a link below.
  5. Find some Easter stories and books online and read with your family – Audible have free audiobooks for everyone at the minute.
  6. Go on a scavenger hunt in your house or garden.
  7. Make fingerprint bunnies using paint and colours.
  8. Have a teddy bear’s picnic in your garden.
  9. Make an Easter Newsletter to tell family and friends all your news.
  10. Write an Easter Acrostic poem.

Follow the links:

  1. .Chocolate Easter Nests
  2. eastereggs
  3. How to Make a Bouncy Egg
  4. Scavenger Hunt
  5. Acrostic Poem
  6. easter story